Yates Barber Shop - Orlando, FloridaYates Barber Shop is the most established barber shop in central Florida. Owner/Operator Tommy Upton is the fourth owner in 60 years of Yates Barber Shop ... an Orlando tradition. We have the most stable, dependable and experienced barbers of any shop in Orlando. You'll be happy to know that we are open 7 days per week!

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* Tommy Upton is the fourth owner in 60 years of Yates Barber Shop...an Orlando tradition. Mr Upton worked for the military for 18 1/2 years and his last duty station was in Kefvlik Iceland. He was the head barber at the Orlando Naval Training Center for 10 years before the base closed. He has a lot of experience. Remember how you used to go to a barber that really knew how to use clippers and do a great men's hair cut? Well, Mr Upton is the one. He can cut any type of hair, any style, especially flat tops! He would like to invite you to come and see him....and when you do.....
Mention this web site and get a dollar off your cut/style.

* Cookie has been with Yates for well over 25 years...good barber/hair dresser/ stylist...has a large following. Cookie is a lot of fun, works Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday and invites you to come and see her.

* Barbara Barbara is a very sweet lady, has been at Yates for 20 years and is very good with children. Young families really like her services. She is a very good barber/stylist and an asset to Yates. She works Saturday through Wednesday.

* Derek Specializing in Flat Tops, Skin Fades, Blow Outs, Mohawks, Regular Tapper and Under Cuts, Derek also likes Bikes & Guitars. Native to Florida and spent 12 years at Union Park during his 29 years of barbering.

* Pam has been at Yates for over 25 years...works 5 days a week Tues. through Sat. She wants to invite everyone to Yates for the best haircuts in Orlando. Pam is very good and has a very loyal following. "Yates is a very nice clean place to work and the people are great..so come in and see me." She is a great asset to Yates.

* Tina Tina came to Yates after 25 years at Union Park. We welcome all the Union Park custmers looking for a new home after their closing.


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